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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

christmas starts here

Well the tree went up today, its -15 outside and I couldnt get in the car (doors frozen) let alone go anywhere lol, you would think we had never had snow before.  Youngest son is on second week off school as the whole of the regions schools have been closed since last monday. Which means had a bit of extra time to go guns blazing at the christmas cards.  Sorry about the poo quality of pics, rubbish light.

This card is made up of a mix, a beautiful snow flake feebie from Jak at crafters kitchen and once again my favourite graphics at the mo, from The clip art fairy Wendys sight is just amazing, I love it lol.  The purple skater girl suits so many and the wave is from her wavy edge set, there great, I have just bought a few new things and the prices are great.
Well thats it for now, its getting late, but have lots more to show you later x
Donna x

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