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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fingers crossed

Hopefully this post works ok, couldnt for the life of me get my piccy to show up properly last post
One of clip art fairies lurvlee shapers, I love these they can used for so many different things.  This is an easel card, 8x8 with my great new punches, they puch out the flowers then they have seperate ones that emboss the flowers as well, how easy is that, great!. Couple of butterflies and lots of glamour dust and a couple of pearls and were done x have a good night, Donna x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Beautiful blue butterflies

Ok, so Im hooked, this is the gorgeous flower and butterfly set from The clip art fairy. I bought this set the other day for an amazing £1.50 and the set is gorgeous.  I have been having a play with it all week end so just had to try a few different things,
so this is my 8x8 easel card which I love.
Its a beautiful fresh blue colour, the butterflies you can print on acetate, vellum, parchment but I did mine on plain old card, but thats just the one I liked the best, some pearls flowers and lots an lots of glamour dust and all done, hope you like it as much as I do, I can see me getting alot of use from this set. Thanks for dropping by, love Donna x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

little boys

This is the first of 2 cards for the same wee boy, typical boy at that lol, brief was trucks and footy.
This is an easel plaque with graphics also from the clip art fairy, from the rough and tuff set.

I love the colours in these two cards, different from the usual pink for girl, blue for boy lol.
This is the stick football boy.
Hope you like them and hope your having a lovely week end Donna x

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Bo'ness Fair

The Bo'ness Fair is the best day of the year in our town, Its a hard question to answer Whats better Christmas or the Fair? if you come from Bo'ness.  You dont even need to live here as all relitives from far and wide all come home for the Bo'ness Fair at some time.  If your kid is lucky enough to get a leading role in the Fair, you can be guarenteed viistor from America, Australia and all over.
Since I started doing cards, the first cards I made were for the Fair and each year I do hundreds, for just this one day.  Its said to be the largest Childrens fair in Europe and is something you have to see.

Each school child has a part to play, and this year the Queen is from my sons school, so extra busy time!

Each child has a role to play, outfit to waer and an arch to be built.  The arches can range from a few figures in the garden, to house frontages the the queens house, where the arch is as big as the house and costs thousands of pounds to build.

This is one of the cards for a lady in waiting.
Its is a princess from the clip art fairy

This one for a flowergirl.  Because I have hundreds to make, I need to keep them simple.
You will have heard me saying what a lovely person Wendy over at the clip art fairy is, well this is one of the many reasons.  These little ladies come in pink and purple, and lots of dresses the kids wear are white and this would be perfect in white.  So I emailed Wendy and explained and just like magic, a beautiful little White lady appeared the next day. THANK YOU Wendy, now life has become so much easier lol x

These two are for 2 little girls at my sons school and there brother is also a herold
Alot of work for that family lol, but they also have a little brother who is at nursery and not old enough to be in the fair  but didnt want to leave him out!
So, lol they also asked me to a card for the little brother and he has been given the role as Chief Arch Builder pmsl and here he is x pmsl
Ther are lots of things on you tube for the fair but this is the link to the official website, I was on a couple of days ago to have a look and there is a new 2 part documentry on it for the 100th fair, , I laughed and cried all the way through it as everyone from Bo'ness does, tears to the eyes every fair when you hear the first band at 6am, wakening up the queen,  and the fact I knew nearly every one in it lol, here is the link, you should take a look, it is really an amazing day just scrole down to 100th Fair Queen. I would love to hear any comments you have.  Love Donna x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cherry on top

This pretty but saucy lady is called Cherry on top and I am sure will be very appreciated by boys lads and men all over on there cards. This is the first card I have done with her but I have done a few since, I just love using her.
She is a Victoria Case digi stamp which you can find here.  She is blinged up with glamour dust and stickles on her skirt, some liquid accent on her cherry and a freebie enjoy your day   rounded font from Wendy
who is always so generous, few pearl to finish off and done, Thanks for stopping by, love Donna x

Friday, 18 March 2011

Wedding book

This is a wedding card done for a wedding last week.  Of course we all know where the book a easel comes from lol the clip art fairy.  It s the interactive lilac, punched flowers and leaves and a matching box which I decorated with ribbon flowers and pearl hearts.
This is the first time I have used these pearls and love them

some ribbon gems and lots and lots of glamour dust lol as ever x
Hope you like it Donna x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hotch potch of things

This card I made for my hairdressers grand kids to give her. She is actually a VERY younge looking granny lol.  Its an easel card done in blue and lemon, not colours I use very often but loved using them, so fresh and cheery looking,  The topper of the lady is kanban I think, bought ages ago and lay in a folder ever since.
The 2 little skating girls represent wee Abbie & Chloe and the paper is on that one of the very talented ladies on the forum made and very kindly shared with us, Val I think- thank you x-.Theres a little bit of sparkle in the way of my all time favourite glamour dust, and there we go !
Thanx for dropping by and feel free to leave a comment anytime, love Donna x

Monday, 14 March 2011

A qick little bit of Deco

This is a quick Deco card for a cousin to give her sister.
I seem to do quite a lot of these just now, usually for women of a certain age lol.
I love this image, it is soo elegant.
Just a quicky as I am still trying to play catch up,
I have lots of Fair Cards to do at thins time of year.
Hope you like it, Donna x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fairy in the flowers

This little beauty is a new set I got from The clip art fairy I totally love it.
Its an interactive set and some new shape toppers I bought as well.
Isnt it cool the way the flowers stand up on the base of the easel card.
I like to really personalise all my cards so I made a smaller version of the shaper to act as a card stop and added the flowers further forward so I can still close the card in the traditional way.
The flowers lay flat to send and pop back up when released.
The card is an 8x8 easel, lots of glamour dust all done, hope you like it, Donna x

Friday, 4 March 2011

Teen girls

The minute I saw these girls I just knew I could use them on so many different cards and for different ages.
I know there called teen girls but they are so versitile and I dont think I have used them for that yet lol, but they are flattering for a twenty somthing or 30th aswell lol x.

Isnt she just soo trendy and stunning x
 They are from my absolute favourite site right now, The cip art fairy you can find them here.
This girly is called Lemara and you can find her Here

This one I have made for my sister and I know she will love itx
I also used some papers and and flowers from The clip art fairy they are the  Dollie Mixtures and co-ordinate perfectly with the girls.  There is also Sam, who you can find Here and of course little miss blonde, Angel, who is Here
Hope you like it and you honestly must pop over to Wendy's store and have a look, she has lots of stunning graphics and set
Thanx for popping by Donna x