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Thursday, 12 May 2011

My youngests 11th Birthday

This is the card I made for my footy daft son who was 11 on Tues and my omg I feel old lol,  not as old as I will next month though when my oldest turns 18 lol.
The picture is from craft creations called life smiles, it was actually him that noticed it when we popped into the craft shop for odds and ends, he love it so I sneeked back later without him.  Donna x 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

x box assasin

I was reallu pleased the way this one turned out.
14th Birthday for a  boy that lives next street down, loves his xbox and was getting Assasins Creed as his pressie.
I know I had it to do but the mind was blank so instead of doing it about 3 wks ago I put it off and off and eventually the day before his birthday had no choice but to get it done lol, sometimes these work out the best, well thats what I tell myself lol.
Its on an 8x8 easel plaque from the clip art fairy.
The Assasin is printed twice and decoupaged on top and bottom few black gems as a stopper few red here and there and done x
His mum said he love it and said it was awesome, what more can you ask, a happy teenager, doesnt happen to often lol x Thanks for having a look, Donna x